Transport Evolution DynamicsTransport Evolution Dynamics

The world does not stand still, and neither do we

In an era of constant change, we, Transport Evolution Dynamics, strive to move forward, combining innovation and care for our customers. The year 2023 has been a year of positive changes for us, which we want to share with you!

All services under one brand - TED

We are pleased to announce that all our services, including not only logistics, but also product search and purchase, certification, and customs clearance, are now united under the single brand of the TED group of companies. Our goal is to offer a full range of services covering all aspects of logistics and related operations. We aim for our clients to find everything they need in one place, ensuring efficiency and convenience at every stage of cooperation.

Modern design

We have retained the familiar elements of the brand, breathing new life into them. Meet our updated logo, color palette, and graphic solutions. The main graphic element of the updated design has become blocks, reminiscent of consolidated cargo in trucks. The updated design can be seen on our website, in social networks and emails, as well as in future TED branded products.

New website

Our new website at is designed with the latest trends in web design and user experience in mind, so that every client feels the convenience and simplicity of using it.

Updated cargo tracking system

A significant innovation is the updated system for tracking your shipments through our website. Now, you can monitor your shipments in real time directly on the site, receiving all the necessary information about their location and delivery status. When you arrange for transportation, we will provide you with a tracking number. You can enter this number in the "Shipment Tracking" section on the homepage to find out where your shipment is and how soon it will arrive in Russia. We have expanded our shipping geography, which led to a change in the codification of clients, leaving only 4 digits and removing the TR prefix.

Transition to a new CRM system

We have modernized our deal management system and switched to 1C Bitrix24 to improve service quality and provide closer control over each deal. Now interaction with clients has become even more efficient and personalized.

All communication through your manager

We have differentiated the chat with your personal manager and the corporate TED account in messaging apps WhatsApp and Telegram. From a single corporate number, you will receive notifications about the status of your shipment and other important alerts (such as holiday operating hours, etc.). This unified contact number is also used to simplify communication with new clients.

Single contact number

To enhance the quality of our service, your assigned personal manager serves as the primary channel of communication, with whom you have collaborated on your shipments. Your manager will address any questions you may have regarding current and future deliveries, payments, and documentation. They will also gather information from specialized departments and employees, overseeing the request fulfillment process at every stage of the transaction. Chatting with your manager through their personal work number is used for prompt communication on ongoing and new deals.

New year — New horizons

We are actively expanding our global presence, increasingly operating in the markets of Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, getting closer to our customers and strengthening global connections. In 2023, we broadened the range of services we offer. Customers now have the option to purchase goods directly from the supplier, arrange for transit processing, and engage in product search and procurement. <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Additionally, there is now the opportunity to order a comprehensive suite of our services on a turnkey basis, entrusting the care of your shipment to the TED group of companies.</p>

Staying True to Our Traditions

Our values honesty, responsibility, transparency, and reliability remain unchanged. They are the foundation upon which our group of companies is built and what we value most. We are committed to continuous development and improvement. Thank you for being with us on this journey!