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Keeping Business Flowing Since 1999

The history of the Transport Evolution Dynamics (TED) group of companies began in 1999 with the founding of a small company named "Bosphorus". At that time sole activity was the sale of textiles and fabrics from major Turkish manufacturers in Russia. Until 2007 we specialized exclusively in the sale of textile products. Logistics issues were entrusted to third-party companies.


However, in 2008, the situation changed: the company began to independently handle the delivery of fabrics and textiles from Turkey to Russia under the new name "Bosphorus-Logistics". This marked the first step towards international freight transport and laid the foundation for the future TED group of companies.


In 2012 the company underwent its first reorganization, expanding our range of services to focus on transporting not only fabrics but also various goods such as automotive parts and special equipment parts, Turkish sweets and spices, equipment and machinery, tableware, and fittings, among many others.


Over the following decade, we actively developed in the field of international logistics, opening new transportation routes from Europe, China and the United Arab Emirates. A new direction for air transport was introduced. The range of services became increasingly diverse, meeting the needs of a wide range of clients.


In 2023 all areas of activity were consolidated under the brand TED - Transport Evolution Dynamics. The design underwent a complete overhaul, and a new website featuring cargo tracking capabilities was launched. Significant milestones included the transition to a new CRM system and the digitalization of all business processes. These advancements facilitated the optimization of cargo delivery times and enabled the provision of a comprehensive suite of services related to international freight transport. Throughout this evolution, the foundational values of honesty, reliability, and a commitment to long-term cooperation remained steadfast.


To provide businesses with effective international logistics solutions


Long-term and productive cooperation that benefits both business and society

Our Principles


To be honest with the client and with oneself


To prioritize the fulfillment of commitments


To maintain utmost transparency in our operations


Focus on the safety and speed of cargo transportation

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