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Complex Services

In the global market, a comprehensive approach to international logistics is key to meeting any business needs and maintaining a high level of service. Moreover, it allows for the optimization of costs and time, ensuring flexibility and reliability in supply chain management on an international scale.

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Main Services

Search and Communication

We find the most advantageous deal across the entire country's market and support in conducting negotiations with suppliers

Purchasing Your Freight

We will acquire your goods from the supplier


We deliver your cargo to Russia via the most optimal route in the shortest time possible

Customs Clearance

We arrange customs clearance for your cargo in the Republic of Belarus followed by import into Russia

Transaction Support

TED managers oversees all stages of transportation and is ready to answer any of your questions

Delivery Across Russia

Your cargo will be transported using domestic transportation companies to any region of Russia

Additional Services

Delivery from Supplier to Consolidation Warehouse

Warehousing Storage

Fragile Cargos Crating

QR Code Certification

EAC sertification

Service Description

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