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Freight Shipping from Türkiye to Russia

In every business, the reliability and efficiency of logistics play a crucial role. It's on this foundation that successful partnerships and client relationships are built. Here, the TED Group of Companies becomes your indispensable ally.

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Logistics Services

Transportation Options

Road Transport


Air Freight

Delivery Time

For road transport: 14-17 days from the vehicle's departure from Turkey

For air freight: 5-10 days depending on the selected tariff

The service cost includes

Transportation from Turkey to Russia

Customs clearance

Transaction support by a personal TED manager

Cargo tracking

Cargo Consolidarion Location

TED Warehouse, Istanbul

Customs Clearance Location

Republic of Belarus

Cargo Delivery Location

Moscow, Russian Federation

Additional Services

Delivery from Supplier's Warehouse to TED Warehouse in Istanbul

Purchasing Your Cargo

from the Supplier

Delivery within Russia via Domestic Transportation Companies

EAC and QR sertification

Fragile Cargos Crating

Service Description

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